Your Help is Vital for Change

You can stand for the betterment of this planet. Small changes bring large improvements. Composting more, and composting right, makes a true impact.

Spread the word

As concerns over food waste grow, so does the need to educate friends and family about composting. Start a conversation in your community, office, or home about how to start composting. Follow us on social media for shareable infographics about composting. 

Doing Your Part

Consumers play an important role in growing the composting movement. Talk to your local government about composting and the many benefits it brings to a community. Not only does composting reduce the amount of food sent to the landfill, but it supports soil health, and helps stimulate income and jobs for your community. 

Helping How2Compost

One way we can make How2Compost the best it can be is to hear from you. By giving us feedback about our label in our survey here, you help inform us and the companies who use our label how much our label helps you compost, but also how we can get better. Your support and insight is deeply important to us.

Stay Informed

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Smart, standard labels make composting easy

Look for our label on all the products you buy! All the time, How2Compost is being added to new packaging. The more you keep your eyes out for How2Compost labels, the more you'll learn how to compost more, and how to compost better.