Our Mission

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of composting. The on-package label informs consumers that a product is BPI-certified compostable in a clear and transparent way. The idea for How2Compost grew out of conversations among the How2Recycle® label program community.

Our Goals

  • Reduce confusion by creating a clear, well-understood, and nationally harmonized label that enables industry to convey to consumers how to compost a package.
  • Improve the reliability, completeness, and transparency of compostability claims.
  • Provide a labeling system that follows Federal Trade Commission Green Guides and BPI certification. 
  • Improve soil health through increased availability and quality of compostable material 

History & Future

How2Compost was launched in 2016, as an extension of the How2Recycle program. Both programs were developed by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a working group of brands, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, and government officials working to advance sustainable packaging. 


Our Method

The How2Compost label is available to use on packages that have gone through the Biodegradable Products Institute's certification process. BPI certification is open to any materials and products that demonstrate that meet the requirements in ASTM D6400 or D6868, based on testing in a BPI-approved laboratory. How2Compost is based on consistency, accuracy and transparency.

Our Companion Project

The Composting Collaborative unites composters, consumer-facing businesses, and policymakers to share best practices and resources, as well as generate innovative solutions to shared challenges.

The mission of The Composting Collaborative is to accelerate composting access and infrastructure to improve soil health and divert compostables from landfill. 

The Composting Collaborative is a project of GreenBlue, the same parent nonprofit as Sustainable Packaging Coalition, How2Compost and How2Recycle. Membership in the Collaborative is free, and members have access to resources, monthly webinars, quarterly in-person meetings, and contacts throughout the composting industry. 


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Media Inquiries about the How2Compost label should be directed to:
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